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Developer: Atari
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, 2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 128MB video card with full hardware T&L support, 1GB disk space
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP
Price: Free
License: Free to try
Version: v1.0
Downloads: 8002

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The mouse had some troubles as well.And **** this demo was waaaaay to short XD Looks like a good game this demo site sucks biggtime my friends If this is what the rest of the game is going to be like then I don’t think that I will be getting it. Further, the team is working diligently to remedy the community’s concerns. The player’s abilities also affect the color of their environment in such that slowing time produces a , rewinding it produces a yellow haze, and stopping time creates a white filter “haze”. Upon his return, time has changed — and Swift is now a man on the run.

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By eight732 Pros GOOD GAME,RECOMENDED Was this review helpful? Using a top secret, multimillion-dollar suit, Swift can alter time–slowing, freezing, and rewinding it at will. Online multiplayer action for up to 16 players — use time based weaponry against other human adversaries.

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Cons This isn’t the real TimeShift released in 2007 by sierra.This is the old project that was undertaken by atari which got canceled.Hence Wont really tell you what timeshift is like Summary Sierra released Time Shift in 2007.Graphics are really good of that one. TimeShift, on the other hand, makes too much of an effort to explain it and ends up confusing everyone in the process, by mixing a lot of weird elements together. Note: The Demo contains one level of the full edition of the games. He is briefly sent back in time to plant an experimental probe. And his knowledge of the true time stream has made him an enemy of the state.

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It was developed using the On August 31, 2007 a demo of TimeShift was released on . The correspondent listed for TIMESHIFT is of MILLER, CANFIELD, PADDOCK AND STONE, 150 W. Because the game had been delayed several times and was not mentioned very much in gaming news, the press thought that the project had been abandoned. By PC magnum Pros athlon64 3200+ 512ram x850xt pci-e i play flawlessly on max settings…

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Again, Atari would like to thank the online community for its feedback; your input is instrumental in helping us deliver a truly next-generation shooter experience. In the end, it is quite clear that the developers had a lot of good ideas, but they certainly did not have to force them all into TimeShift. With a comprehensive online 16-player multiplayer mode, featuring time grenades, 14 different maps and over 40 different features, TimeShift gears itself to the players’ unique style of gameplay by allowing matches to be completely customizable. She reaches out to him although not sure of who he is.

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The world he left has changed beyond all recognition. Cons Almost everything is scripted, if you play the game again, you know excactly where all the enmies are and wich paths they take. Thus, the game plays out the same way every time you go through it, which severely reduces its replay value to almost zero.