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Russian alphabets with pronunciation

The Russian language audio section features a wide array of professional and real native voices, giving you the opportunity to hear what natural Russian sounds like. But most of all, travellers talk about the Russian people, and this is the reason so many people have recently started learning to speak Russian, taking lessons both inside and outside of Russia.

Love phrases fro m english to russian, because I'm studying the Russian language, and. because these are the love phrases. (Graphic error: твоей улыбки, instead of улыбеи)

Russian is a native language for over 160 million people, being an official language in 4 countries. If you purchased a Platinum language product, you will find the activation code on the included Platinum Access Card.

On my list of language endeavors

Russian ordinal numbers are formed from cardinal numbers, and they have some additional endings like (-ый, -ой, -ая, -ое, -ые), see the table below:  Russian Ordinal Numbers 1st – первый 2nd – второй 3rd – третий 4th – четвёртый 5th – пятый 6th – шестый 7th – седьмой 8th – восьмой 9th – девятый 10th- десятый 11th – одиннадцатый 12th – двенадцатый 13th – тринадцатый 14th – четырнадцатый 15th – пятнадцатый 16th – шестнадцатый 17th – семнадцатый 18th – восемнадцатый 19th – девятнадцатый 20th – двадцатый 21th – двадцать первый (20+ 1st) 30th – тридцатый 40th – сороковой 50th – пятидесятый 60th – шестидесятый 70th – семидесятый 80th – восьмидесятый 90th – девяностый 100th – сотый 1000th – тысячный  Speak7 2013 © Russian Numbers, Cardinal Numbers, Russian Ordinal Numbers, Numerals.    In particular you must practice writing and speaking, so that you learn to express yourself.

Learn To Speak Russian Youtube

Others love the fact they can walk into a city of over 500,000 people and know there are no other tourists there. Lesson three will teach you basic phrases in the Russian language. With Russian the pronunciation is normally quite clear from the written form of the word.

Educational websites

A place for students, teachers and native Russian speakers to discuss Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other aspects of the Russian language. You will be able to see and enjoy more on your Russian holiday.

In this lesson you will learn how to express your emotions in Russian. Learn Russian words and phrases related to emotions and feelings.

Russian does not bother with the difference between “I was running”, “I had been running”, etc. Our site is growing and we are adding more and more features to help you learn to speak Russian. Russian: Learn to Read Russian in 15 Minutes Russian Days of the Week The Russian alphabet (Russian: русский алфавит, transliteration: rússkij alfavít) uses letters from the Cyrillic script.

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Although the Russian people are incredibly diverse, belonging to 160 different ethnic groups that speak 100 different languages, almost all of them also speak Russian. If you are keen to get started you can go straight to . Our language experts have identified and selected the most common real life situations you can find yourself in. It includes 347 scenes of common conversation and 1569 words of basic vocabulary that will be only presented in small screen with pronunciation, therefore, you can remember all while doing other…