Chiropractic patient education software License code 1.0

Developer: SpeedyAssessment
Requirements: None
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows XP/Vista/7
Price: $1495
License: Free to try
Version: v1.0
Downloads: 5067

Download Chiropractic patient education software License code 1.0

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Promote patient compliance

Chiropractic software with integrated scheduling, billing, notes, and reporting to help your chiropractic practice run efficiently. With 3D Consultation you will not only enjoy teaching patients conditions but spend less time doing it. If you have an iPad or iPhone you probably know how frustrating it can be to find good healthcare apps. By jesperbrannmark Pros Very easy to use and creates good reports Cons No Mac support 🙁 Summary This software does posture analysis, but also has four more components.

Chiropractic Supplies That Simplify Chiropractic Patient Education

That turn the walls of your practice into a strategic partner, communicating key chiropractic principles for you. Starting in version 4.1, we introduced LeanScreen Body composition analysis module (iPad Only). According to a , a contributing factor to chiropractic patient satisfaction is the extent to which the DC explains the patient’s condition and treatment recommendations. We’ve assembled here some supportive resources that can help guide your small business to success. Due to the flexibility of our software you can educate your patients via an interactive office presentation or through your Website.

More than a million patients flock to this website. Drug companies are in hot pursuit.

People with affected joint position sense might be people suffered by neckpain or an whiplash injury. Then, as patients continue through the program, they can log activity, energy levels, and food and water intake, as well as body measurements and vital statistics. Quite simply, it’s the best patient engagement, and patient education app available in the world.

Save Chiropractors and staff valuable time

Our software will help you do this more effectively giving you more time to focus on doing what you do best, improving the health of your patients. We asked chiropractic patients if they would be more likely to choose a chiropractor who uses multimedia educational materials (e.G., Videos and digital images) in their practice over a similar chiropractor who did not—and a combined 91 percent say they would. Improves efficiency of your office with chiropractic SOAP notes. I believe this was developed with Health 2.0 guru Jay Parkinson. (as a side note, if you are not familiar with Jay you should check out his incredbily popular blog .) Omnio acts a digital medical bag and houses a vast array of content (which would physically fill many large bookshelves) on your iPAD. This “don’t ask, don’t tell” dynamic—where patients don’t ask for details, so doctors don’t tell—is hurting chances for patient retention beyond the first few visits.

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After all, patient involvement has long been touted as a means of achieving in chiropractic circles. Incorporate mobile devices into patient consultations.

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All finance programs and rates are subject to final approval by Direct Capital, and are subject to change at any time without notice. What’s more, a found that 58 percent of patients feel the use of technology in the exam room “positively affects” their health care experience. If your application for business credit is denied, you have a right to a written statement of the specific reasons for the denial.

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Chiropractors can use these findings to drive engagement and education efforts, encouraging patients to return to their practice for treatment. Some of these applications, such as the one pictured below, can even be customized to include hours, location and other information about a practice. I am of the generation that is severely technology challenged and the support I received from Titronics was a Godsend and they made everything easy with the setup … can’t thank them enough.€ Herbert B. It objectively gets me closer to the neural component of the subluxation and enables me to make better clinical decisions.